Meet the Artists


Fine Art and Photography

Walker Studios LLC is a business started by two sisters looking to make their own mark in the world.
The Walker girls have been doodling and coloring since before they could write out their names. I guess you can say it’s innate,  coming from their mothers own love of art.

Amy Walker took a liking to the visual arts. She first colored with crayons, and those little watercolor cakes you get from the grocery store. Her favorite things to draw were horses and cats, and her favorite time to draw was ALWAYS. As soon as she got to high school and realized she could SELECT her own electives- she did. Amy took every art course available from color and design to ceramics. She was in the art wing every free second of her day, including lunch period. Now, a senior at Paier College of Art, Amy has come a long way. She can create huge canvas masterpieces with quality oils paints, acrylics, or gouache. This painting career has only begun, but she hopes to someday have many people reading this blog, following her every move from gallery to gallery.

Kay Walker is Amy’s younger sister. Up until 3 or 4 years ago… Kay was always the Walker girl with her nose stuck in a book, writing English papers and reading every novel in Barnes and Noble. Until she bought a new camera. Kay is still an English major and often times has her head in a book but now she also has her eye to the viewfinder. She is looking to graduate and perhaps do book editing or some sorts, but when she is not in the campus library memorizing Shakespeare, she is catching sun flares in her canon lens or watching sun sets drop so low on the horizon that orange light spills across the sky. Her newest goal is to buy another camera- even more high tech. And with the beginning of our new business she has already picked up a commission. She shoots all kinds of photos from newborn photo shoots, to nature and landscapes, families, weddings, senior portraits- you name it.

Walker Studios LLC is a business that is made for all sales and services of art. Have an idea of a painting or a mural you’re interested to have in your home? Give Amy a call- she’ll be happy to help. Or instead did you want a collection of photos taken of your family for updated frames on the wall- give Kay a call and she’ll be right over.

🙂 Walker Studios LLC
colorinG the wOrld he createD


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